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Janelle Lee from USA

I love this website!!!!! Hamster Cub rock!
Stuy from Aruba
email: ieatdogs@hotmail.co.uk

i have a HAMSTER
Shayelin from Canada
email: CuddlesBraydon@live.com

This is a wonderful website !
nuric from Malaysia
email: nuric_eyes88@yahoo.com

I've a pair of roborovski hamsters....they so nice.......love them mmmuahh
stephanie from United States
email: fanycute_sn@yahoo.com

I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove hamsters I have one but I want more
Reegan Garrett from Canada
email: reegsrockz@hotmail.com

love the website and so does my hammy Tipsy
x SKY x from Canada

ii LUV HAMSTERS ! my mom wont let me get one wat shud i do?
sandi from United States
email: mirawill74@netskap.com

Hey hey hey hamster lovers! i loooooooooooooooooooooove hamsters there so tiny and cute and adorable and furry omg! i loooove them!!!!!!!!!!!! i have 1 named eddie he's a baby how cute is that?!
sandi from United States
email: mirawill74@netskap.com

I looooove hamsters! i have 1 named eddie he's a baby. Hamsters rock! And there so cute and adorable :)
Emily Kooistra from USA
email: ekooistra27@yahoo.com

I LOVE hamsters! I have 5, 4 different types. I always love to keep learning about them! glad I found this site!

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