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Maya from Colombia

I love your website, but my hamster hardly goes out of the tubes she has a nest there, help
Savanna from United States

Hamsters are sooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
james and kitty flett from United Kingdom
email: jimnkitty@btinternet.com

Just bought two gorgeous robo hamsters. Very fast. They are our babies.
Tilly from Ireland
email: tillyb@microsoft.com

HEY I LOVE HAMSTER i am begging my mum if i can have one!!!!! wish me good luck!
Abby from Canada

Hey! Well, I have a chinchilla, but I used to have millions of Hamsters! (Exaggeration, Of course!)
Popcorn Lover55 from South Africa
email: ivana1295@gmail.com

hello there! i still love your websight! i got a problem! my hamster is peeling! he has like white flakes of skin under his tummy. please help!!
Sarah from Australia
email: sarahknaub@hotmail.com

I looooveeeee hamsterssssss!!!
ELVA WIGUNA from Indonesia

sandi from Egypt
email: mirawill74@netskapo.com

Hamsters rule there so cute i love hamsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
amy from United Kingdom
email: amyhornby13@hptmail.com

can hamsters have tea or cold tea

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