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Olivia from United Kingdom
email: livvi-babiee@hotmail.co.uk

Hello, Like everyone on here i love hamsters. i think they are adorable. But i find mine quite a struggle and feel incredably bad about the conditions she is sometimes left in. i admit i am not a very good owner. and i feel terrible. my sister got her for her birthday presant from me, but then aquired two rabbits, two horses and a dog. (not all at the same time!) and the hamster (named cookie) seemed to get pushed to the side and done last, whereas i had no pets, so i felt i should 'adopt' the hamster. But i slightly regret it now, as much as i love her to bits i find her a bit of a burden with all my school work at the moment. i have tried moving her cage several times so that she gets noticed more. but that dosent help. and i have realised she seems to get rather grumpy and lonley, and i know she cant have a friend in the cage because they would kill each other. so what am i supposed to do? because i feel like such a bad person. i cant get rid of her, she is so precious. :( God, i have been rambling on and i dont suppose anyone will answer me. but if anyone has any clues to make my hamster a happy hamster my email address is livvi-babiee@hotmail.co.uk please email me!!!!! :)
Julia Riley from United States
email: jl_rly@yahoo.com

I love hamster club because this website gave me more info about my dwarf hamster Ruby than any other website or book.
James Hilton from United Kingdom
email: joja.hilton.2007@btinternet.com

A fantastic serive always provided and all my questions have always been fully answered very quickly. Also very professional and full of expert knowledge. A credit to all keepers of hamsters.
lauren from United States
email: lillydaisyluver@live.com

hi my name is lauren i have 2 dwarf hamsters,lilly and daisy.daisy chatters all of the sudden.i dont no wat it is. im not sure if she just wants 2 be alone or her teeth need to be clipped they r a little longer than ussual but not 2 bad. i gave new food about 2 weeks ago she starteed off eating it like normal but now she dosent eat as much. im sure she needs her teeth clipped but idk why she is chattering....and she dosent bite very offten plz get back to me lauren
Marc from Ireland
email: marc.mclaughlin@hotmail.com

hello i need help im getting a hamster for chrismas a dwarf one will i get two of them but last time i did that they had a load of babys and they didnt stop so i had to sell them so and avoise
Dana from United Kingdom
email: dananutnut@hotmail.co.uk

Well i have a hamster called hannah and she is soooooooo cute and she never bites but she mite nip if i anoy her but i dont and i really like this web site bye bye
ISABEL from Algeria
email: isabel_oneil@yahoo.com

hi i looooooooooove this web site!!! today was the most saddest days of my life because today........... my my hampster shadow died. plesse when you read this take a momment of sillents for him thank you.
Jessie from United States
email: Jprado123@gmail.com

well my hamster is a biege hamster and she is very clever when ever i take the ladders down in her cage she would pick them up with her paws and hook them back together
Erika from Indonesia
email: erika_mails@yahoo.co.id

I hv 2 campbells.. It's the 1st time for me to pet hamsters and I want to make them happier hamstes... I love them sooooooooo much
Saravana S. S. from American Samoa
email: dahotone@hotmail.co.uk

I'm getting a Syrian hamster tomorrow and I'm so excited! Wonderful hamster club, btw! Hamsters really are the most adorable, cutest creatures around. =)

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