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rosalina from United States
email: ysha8621@yaho.com

this website gives you so much info. about hamster its really cool
rosalina from United States
email: nysha8621@yahoo.com

i love my owner nysha for christ mas she is getting a me a new hamster ball
Kristie Whitmore from United States
email: wop.248@gmail.com

Hi, I love this website! I just got a hamster and i am learning so much of his unexplained behavior.
PCY from Singapore
email: feverspasm_@hotmail.com

This site is awesome. It has everything I need to start off keeping a hamster. My aunt's winter white is suspected of a 'stroke'. Her lower limbs were inmobile and she coops herself in the corner the whole day for 3 days already. The suspected 'storke' didnt exactly tally with the ones given. Maybe thats the only flaw? Hmm, how about give more symptoms of the various type's of stroke. To the admin: I have clarifications to make. Care to drop me an email in response to this message regarding the 'stroke'?
Jodie from United States
email: davisjod@gmail.com

I was searching for holiday hamster pics and I came across this site.Never thought that there was a hamster club on the internet before.
Amy from United Kingdom
email: xamzxox@hotmail.co.uk

This website has given me so much more info than any where else. I had been giving my semi long haired hamster crumpet shavings in the cage but now im using paper its so much easier! Thanks.
Hazell Marie from USA
email: Hazelllove224@yahoo.com

Hello My name is Hazell and i love this website. Its gave me more info about the other hamsters that are out there and about taming your hamsters and the little games were fun too. We my husband and I have a Europian Black Bear Hamster, his name is Brownie, he is almost a year old. What I would like to see on this site are some Europian Black Bear Hamsters. Thanks for haveing this site its a real fun place to be. Thank you. Hazell Marie.
Brooklyn Cruz from United States
email: b.unowho@yahoo.com

this is such a great site!!!i just got a brand new robo and i still didn't know everything i needed to...now Rhino and I are as educated as we can be...
Robin from United States
email: r_tbour@yahoo.com

This website helped me make the leap. I found it today, read up on hampsters, and just brought Batman (my new hampster) home a couple hours ago. He is such a little cutie pie!!!
Tanna from United States
email: Cheerbear841@yahoo.com

Yall have a cute website! Im so happy I find yall.

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