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Hannah from USA
email: carebearkween@aol.com

I love this site it is my fav. if you go to the home page to the pics. if you cick the 2 on the book and keep clicking, you can see my hamser is you click back button it gets you there quicker. she is the one on the floor chewing on it. because there is something on it. there is also one with her in a tissue box she she is also tan or ginger. please look, Hannah and peaches. (peaches is the hamster)
olivia from USA
email: starlivy1@gmail.com

Hi!!Me and my Hamster luv this site!!!!! My hamsters name is Angel ! Angel says Hi!!!
Jada from USA
email: luv4egghopper.layla@gmail.com

Me and my hamster love this site!! It is so helpful
PJ from USA

I love dwarf hamsters, and i love this site!!!
Vanessa from USA
email: vanyr@hellokitty.com

I love hamsters there cute and cuddley I even made a sweter for my hamster.
Shahril from Malaysia
email: Shahril_90@hotmail.com

This website is great for newbie like me. Terima Kasih!(TQ)
Cami from United States
email: Petluvr25@gmail.com

I learned alot about my Robo dwarf hamster and willl be back here every day!If anyone has any info to share with me about robo dwarf hamster breeding please share and contact me by e-mail!THANKS!:]
Aaron from Philippines
email: aaroncate@rocketmail.com

I Luv Hamster!! Because their funny face and so clever.Now I discover the hamster club I'm so happy.........
Alex from Malta
email: alexfarrugia@hotmail.com

Nadia Vella is a great hamster expert!! She always answered me in a very professional way and it is great to know that here in Malta we can turn to hamster-club.com when we have any hamster issues. Thanks Nadia for all the work done. Keep it up!! Alex Farrugia
monica from United States

This a great website! I learned a lot about my hamster.

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