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Flick from England
email: Felicityannedowns8@gmail.com

Hamsters are amazing! I have a Syrian hamster named Pip she's 3 months old on Monday I'm getting another syrain don't worry they will be in separate cages oh and and a quick hamster tip if your hamster is chewing the bars and its concerning you then rub lemon juice on it
Jessica B. from USA
email: jessicaburns1017@gmail.com

Hamsters are very neat creatures to watch and learn from!!! I love Hamsters:)
Elllllllllli from United Kingdom
email: R@yahoo.o.uk

roisin roberts from United Kingdom

i love hamsters there my fave pets. they look really cute when you put a new toy in there cage and they like to explore.
Jan from United Kingdom

Brilliant website... clear and to the point and covers everything you need to know when owning a hamster. Well done!
alena from Bahamas
email: alena_poo@hotmail.com

im adiccted to hamsters (:
Jaabir Peerally from Mauritius
email: jaabir.peerally@hotmail.com

Hello guys, lovely website with very sharp explanation :) Just love it and new owner of a Hamster and willing to learn for a better living with these sweet little creature which i don't really understand the way the live buh so cute to watch them having fun doing there stuffs ;)
Szel Ino from Philippines
email: szel.ino_hongki@yahoo.com

I'm a Hamster Lover:) Hamster is my bestfriend.
John Demetre from United States
email: JDem989353@aol.com

Hamster Fan And Friend!
carolyn kowalski from United States
email: cantbangel@yahoo.com

love the page, love hamsters

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