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Camel from Malaysia
email: camel2504@yahoo.com

Hi... This website is informative and helpful... I like the layout... :)
hammielover1 from United States
email: mickey.mouse123445@yahoo.com

i luv ur site!!! i am a hammie lover 2!!! my fam had 1 but it died=( but we might get two hammies and breed them! what do you think hamster is best 4 that? i luv dwarf hammies, can u acually join this club????????? if so i would luv 2!!
fiona from United States
email: tubby5678@hotmail.com

hi love the site! i have a hammy named scruffy~
bob from British Indian Ocean Territory
email: webkinz_lollypop@hotmail.com

i want a hamster but my baby sister won't let me get one what should i do
jazmyn from Canada
email: webkinz_lollypop@hotmail.com

i want a hamster so bad but my mom won't let me get one what should i do
Cleyanne from #
email: crystalcleyanne@yahoo.com

Hi Ms. Nadia Vella. I got a new hamster (siberian), and I was wondering, when could I give it a treat? Ex. wheat, vegetables, fruits.....? thanks, Cleyanne
Cheyenne from United States
email: emopet4488@yahoo.com

This site was useful. I have two hamsters (a syrian and a campell dwarf hamster). I also have a gerbil that houses with my dwarf hamster. I know people say rodents shouldn't be housed with other rodents of another species, but I disagree. My mongolian gerbil (Strawberry) and my dwarf hamster (Little Mate) get along great. The take care of each other like family. They never fight. I've checked. I left a video camera looking into the cage wheb I wasn't watching them and there wasn't a single dispute. The clean eachother, they play, and they even snuggle when they're going to take a nap with eachother. They practicly inseperable.
Jessie from United Kingdom
email: jessiejones1998@hotmail.co.uk

I have just bought a new hamster he is six weeks old , he is a syrian hamster he is in a palace cage hes name is Shephi but i think i might call it somethink different like Shephi , Calie , Cushion or somethink else. I have just this min got it . jess x
Massimo from USA
email: massimoernest@yahoo.com

Laryn from USA
email: tyedyejayhawk@yahoo.com

I luv hamsters! They are my favorite animal. My mom is just now letting me get one! :-) I'm going to name him George.

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