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Alissa from #
email: K.ericksen@sbcglobal.net

Hi! I recently found this website. I love the pictures! Can anyone tell me how to join this club? I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me. Thanks!
Mollie Powner from United Kingdom
email: puppypanda@hotmail.co.uk

This web is gr8 4 people who luv hamsters and who want to get more info. about them! I've got a hamster 4 my birthday and she is the best prezzie ever!My hamster Cookie is a syrian hamster wiv a funny sense of humour wiv loads of energy. I agree wiv all the advice this web gives.Hamsters do normaly come out in the evening and night because they r nocternal!
Kayla Wong from Hong Kong
email: kaylawonghy@hotmail.com

Whoa!Hi y'all!I also got two Golden Hamsters!!LOVE4 Y'ALL!!!!!
Rosie from Scotland
email: rosieandscooby@hotmail.com

hi this club is great you should join
Josephine from #
email: i.am.josephine.you.know@hotmail.com

OMG!! I want a hamster and i did have one...it died just yesterday...i was so sad but the past is the past, we can't change anything... i was thinking of buying another one but my big sis won't let me...:( what should i do..? Ps: my sis hate hamsters... :(
Margarita from Philippines
email: rivera.margaux@yahoo.com

thank you!
Rachel from USA

Wonderful site, i love hamsters :)
Shawn from United States
email: froggielegz@aol.com

what a wonderful site. we just had to have our "Kilo" put to sleep he had cancer. i am on the look for a new pet, but taking my time. what a fun and informative site. I love the pictures!
Mariana Valdez from United States
email: darkhiyoko@hotmail.com

Hi I love your website, it's very helpful and I love seeing the hamster pics ^-^ I have my own female teddy bear hamster she's so cute >.<
Gemma from United Kingdom
email: gemmacringle@hotmail.com

Hi I love hamsters so much !!! Me and my family have two syrian hamsters but they have there own cage each. I got my first hamster when i was 5 years old !! My hamster was called smiles !

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