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Rachel from United States
email: its-rainin-pigs@live.com

shirley from Kenya
email: sbidali@gmail.com

Hi other hamster lovers, i have a hamster called fanta she is really cute i love hamsters!!!!
Muni from Malaysia
email: munirahbtmohamad@yahoo.com

Hi.... I love pets so much !!! I have one pair hamsters...my hamsters very cutie....
Hanna from United States
email: paintthewind96@gmail.com

I love hamsters! I'm so glad I found this site- it's perfect!!!
KBR from United Arab Emirates
email: khiabro@gmail.com

i got mine yesterday she's called haze!
Tina from United States
email: thangducvu@aol.com

I LOVE pets! I have a dog,turtles,fish,and a hampster named coffee!
Chloe from United States
email: zacfan56@yahoo.com

Hi I love hamsters! They are so cute. I have one named Oreo, who is so cute!
bella from United States
email: floryjose@comcast.net

hamster club is sooooooooo cool and fun to use.
Rachele from United States
email: SyBelle.SIN.06@gmail.com

I love the site. The pics and game are cute and fun. I sgould be getting a hamster in bout a week and hopefully I can add to the cute pics ;}
Mary from Canada
email: maryboyd99@gmail.com

I love this website! I have my first hamster, Jewels, who I call JT, who is perfect. I would say thanks to Nadia (hamster club person) for my biggest problem that is being solved.

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