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edward cullen luver from #

Alexis from USA
email: misskitty0110@yahoo.com

my hamster is doing good and is very very happy i thinking about getting another hamster a black bear hamster if its a boy im going to name him pepper if its a girl i pick i will name her midnight
amanda the hamster lover from Singapore
email: amanda98@singnet.com

Hi Peeps!how are your hamsters doing?mine a doing perfectly fine
amanda the hamster lover from Singapore
email: amanda98@singnet.com

Hi Peeps!My hamsters are doing very well how about yours partner?how do u sign up for membership?this is the best website ever!!!!
amanda the hamster lover from Singapore
email: amanda98@singnet.com

howdy partners ! i have 2 little dwraf white winter hamsters named hammy and hammer.
ed from Canada
email: edbooth75@hotmail.com

hi people, I have a little cute dwarf hamster named hammy, this site is great for info, hammy has a fur losing problem im trying to take care of.. Im sure it will be fine soon..
Paige from United States
email: paigeprettyprincess@yahoo.com

Hi Hamster-Club. Your site provides a lot of important information about hamsters. You certainly put a lot of work into this website. I think that H-C could use a forum, though. Please e-mail me at paigeprettyprincess@yahoo.com Thank you!
fiona from United States
email: tubby5678@hotmail.com

hi fellow hammy lovers! i have two hammies named scruffy ( boy, syrian, brown) and a new hammy with no name ( girl teddy bear 1 month old tomorrow!!!) help me with the name!!!
hamster lover from United States

oooooooo! i love hammies! they are soo cute! i have at russian dwarf hamster named Hoops
Gigi from United States
email: gigi.dog1@yahoo.com

Hi peeps i have a hamster called Chester. he is a golden hamster and is soooooooo cute!! This website helps a lot.

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