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IAN and Torri from Cayman Islands
email: noneofyourbesswax@loser.com

James from United Kingdom
email: j.pieses94@hotmail.com

hi i recently lost a hamster "hammy" the other day but i heard about this so i joined
ashleigh from USA
email: sportyash98@yahoo.com

this website is awsome my hamster nellie is doing great i love her she is a teddy bear hamster and a night she is wild
cameron taylor from Canada
email: cameronttaylor@hotmail.com

i love this website and i love hamsters!!!
email: ryan_mangion@rocketmail.com

hi this site rules every pet web in the www
kate from England
email: amy-babez@hotmail.co.uk

hi I am name is kate i have a hamster called daisy
kaykay from orangeteddy.webs.com from Canada
email: guinearox@rocketmail.com

I am gonna get a dwarf next wkend and breed cuz i know lots of people who want a hamster of there own but dont wanna pay. And this website is really helping me. thx :-) !!!
Nakaila from USA
email: Nakaila@rap.midco.net

hi this website has helped me a bunch! I recently have lost 3 hamsters due to old age/sickness in the last year. I have one left and i am going to do my best to keep her alive! If anyone wants photos email me!!
Doris Bonello from Malta
email: dbonell@yahoo.com

Hey Nadia! I just received your hamster book! It's great!! Keep it up!!! I love this club!! x Doris
Mieke from South Africa
email: christelle@intekom.co.za

Hi!If eny1 lives in Cape Town South Africa plz contact mwa if u have a really nice hamster cage that u r willing 2 sell!thanxz

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