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jojo from United States
email: jojodebose@yahoo.com

my hammie's name is Penny she is sooo cute but she bites but i am learning to train her by this site i love this site it is like heaven for me!!!! <3 :)
binky12345 from United Kingdom
email: www.googleth@btinternet.com

I love hamsters more then anyone i know of! i have 5 hamsters and 2 gerbils of my own, i've loved hamsters since i was 5!
Ivory from United States
email: Ivorycarter63@yahoo.com

P.P.S. Thanks for all of your websites help! It gave me a lot of helpful ideas!
Ivory from United States
email: Ivorycarter63@yahoo.com

Hello. My hammie's name is Micheal Angelo M.A. for short (Not named after the Ninja Turtle =]). And I plan on breeing her soon so hopefully this will be my 3rd sucesfull ham-pregnancy! P.S. I did not know she was a girl when I named her...=]
Gwen from United States
email: lizzycotten@yahoo.com

This website is awesome! Thanks for, making it! :-)
Nicole Perez from United States
email: nikkixhot@hotmail.com

Heloo! My hamsters name is Monika. this website made me and my hamster fanceey. Everytime my hamster sees a camera len she stops and poses. it sounds weird but its true.
Nicole Perez from United States
email: nikkixhot@hotmail.com

Lauren from United States
email: lauzac@sbcglobal.net

I found a lot of help on this website and that made me and my hamster Fancy happy!!!
Jay-Jay from Philippines
email: fj-jj@hotmail.com

hello there!... thanks a lot for giving me some ideas on how to take good care for hamsters...
jiwiz (nickname) from Canada
email: jiwookm48@gmail.com

just to tell you i am not 48 yrs. old and i love you site it is the best for reasearching i got and A+ frome this web thx so mch

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