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Zac from United States
email: zackissel@gmail.com

I am getting my first hamster today for my birthday!
Jordan from United States
email: browniegirl365@bellsouth.net

I have a long haired male teddy bear hamster and he is the funniest thing ever!!! (and the cutest!) He has a slight twitching problem but I still love him!!! Hamster-club has taught me important facts on grooming my hamster. Thanks Hamster-club! :)
Gina from American Samoa
email: gi123@msn.com

This site is so cool
beth from United Kingdom
email: xx-bethwood-xx@hotmail.co.uk

I just got a hamster, a male syrian. He is so sweet! He is so friendly, and comes straight into my hands sometimes! He is called Marley, brown and white. I may save up for a bigger cage for him, he is getting quite bored in there! This site has really helped me out with handling him etc. Thanks!
chelsea from Ireland
email: chelsealevins@Gmail.com

i have two hamsters one is younger than the outher big one i have and its new.and my big hamster trys to lik its bottom i think and my outher smaller hamster dosin like then they ended up in a fight wat will i do!!!!!
arianna from United States
email: drmaaa@aol.com

my hamster is named mr.whiskers he is so cute he is a white dwarf hamster and im arianna
Shelby from United States
email: Shelbygirl95@live.com

I just got a hamster and this site really is helping me out on what to expect, I read this before I got my hamster witch was helpfull I am still trying to name my hamster.
Robyn from Australia
email: anjobennett@facebook.com

thise site is so awesome I just love it. I don't have a hamster but I want one!
alexis from United States
email: robertsfamily6@hotmail.com

my hamsters name is turbo he is so cute the reason why i joined cause i love hamsters they are cute and mine is a white wintter dwarf turbo is veary excited for me to join as i can see of it hamster lover... im one of them!
patricia from Philippines
email: bleuish_patrixa@yahoo.com

hey.. i really love ur site.. it helps me in taking good care of my hammy..

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