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Ashley Miller from Japan

i had a hamster named papi. he died on a mystiry. he was soooooooooo healthy. but he died. so i moved to japan. so once i get a new hamster ill use your tips
jessica from United States
email: lizziemartin11@gmail.com

my sister is getting a hamster this weekend before her birthday party,she was afraid if she got a girl and a boy hamsters she thought if the girl hamster had babies she would have to help withe the babies. Now she is happy because I went on this web site and told her she would not have to do any thing we learned every thing about taking care of them. thanks!
A.H. from USA

I don't have a hamster but i have been saving up for one and plan on buying a female fancy hamster. This site has helped me learn more about hamsters and how to care for them. Now when i get my hamster i will know what to do.
Kimberley from Canada
email: giggles_ob@hotmail.com

Hey! I just found this really cool website all about hammies!!! I'm a huge Hamster fan, i don't think i'd know what to do with myself without a little hammie by my side... lol I love the little guys! So glad i could find a site with other Hamster lovers!
Teresa Mae C javier from Philippines
email: teresajavier47@yahoo.com

excuse me if someone here hve hamsters can you please give some to me cause ive been wanting to breed them i live in mindoro san jose occidental mindoro
beatrix from Qatar

i just found this website today...i just had my hamster at wednesday.
Jackie from USA
email: jsnidarich89@yahoo.com

This site has helped me so much with my hamster Miss. Piggy!!!! thank you so much!!!
Surina16 from Singapore
email: surinasuyudi@hotmail.com

This website is really useful for me:D
lauren kell age 10 from England
email: thekells@jkell.fslife.co.uk

Our pet hamster maisy died just a few weeks ago,and she was so cute, tame, and gave us lots and lots of fun in her 2 short years thanx maisy 4 being apart of our family we miss you.xxxxxx
Cleth from Philippines
email: cletver@yahoo.com

Found this site very informative. Thank you.Started out with only four Syrians and now they're 23. Thanks to the Pet store who offered to buy some of the offspring.

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