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Emily from United States
email: nartylime@yahoo.com

AWWWW!!!! I love all the cute pictures and stuff!!!! All the information is so useful and i use it too!!!! My hamster loves the treats suggested!!!! I LOVE THIS SITE!!
haley from United States
email: revellmom@yahoo.com

wow this is such a cool website
angel from United States
email: sarahanne2@earthlink.net

this site has helped me with everything i need to know about my 4 hamsters!! i LOOOOOVE this website!!!!
ffion from England
email: Brutnell08f@shropshirelg.net

i love this website its well helpful theres so much info i need to know its great and i think everyone whos got a hamster or guinie pig should come on to this website !!!!!!!!!!! *******************
Mary from Belarus
email: stace@gmail.com

Hi matey!I just adore the hamster club! It is the most awesomest place i have eva heard of
janae edwards from United States

i loooooooooooooove hamsters.I have a hamster named cole.i'm knowed for being a hamster lover.
DGirl from United States
email: DNgirl10@gmail.com

I love hamsters! They fill me with so much joy!!! I have a little cambells named Tooter and she is spoiled! This website is going straigt to "Favorites".
Hannah from United States

Hi! I have a hamster named Hammie (it just sorta fit!). I was gonna name her Lacy but Hammie seemed better. I got her for a birthday present last August at 6 months so she is almost a year and a half old! But I love her!
tine from Andorra
email: tine@hotmail.com

hye,i have a hamster named isabella.She is a fierced hamster that loved to bites people hand..But,she has a white skin and a cute face..I love her.
JOJO AND SAM from United States
email: www.study@gl.com

We have just gotten our hamsters and we are new to this, so the big problem is that we have a female and a male, so this site is really helpful. THANKS WE APPRECIATE IT.

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