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Maddy from United States
email: dukeefamily@roadrunner.com

Hi hamster lovers, well, i have two hamsters names: Zac & Cody there both my cutie pies & my boys well thats all i'll so ... bye thanks for reading this, Maddy
Gwen from USA
email: lizzycotten@yahoo.com

Hi Hamster Lovers! My hamster's name is Zuphia, and she is a golden fancy hamster. I love hamsters! When I was little and when it was still on the sir I loved to watch my still favorite show:... HAMTARO! Bijou is my favorite charecter and I just got a Hamtaro DS game! It's called Hi Hamtaro: Ham Ham Challenge! Peace Out all you hamster lovers!
Amber theo from USA
email: amber_theo45@yahoo.com

i love all pets but ive always have had hamsters. my newest one is Lulu (short for Lelouch) and i just love him. hes only about 9 weeks right now. i think next time i want to go to a rescue center
Jabba from United States
email: pskooby@gmail.com

i love animals
Hayley Reeves from United Kingdom
email: h4yley6@yahoo.co.uk

I LOVE this site.....I have just got my 1st hamster at the grand old age of 28 and i dont know why i havent had one before she is such a little sweet heart (and a rascal!!) This site is great for info on how to take care of the little beasties!!
Mirri-Jay Hayley Arena from United Kingdom
email: hinata_and_naruto@hotmail.co.uk

This site is lots of fun!! i've just got my first hamster and his name is Mr Eccles because his coat is the same colur as eccles cake:) This site is very helpful and fun too.
delaney from United States
email: delaneynb@aol.com

i love this site!i love hamsters also ieven have a hamster named chickenstrip LOL!
hamster girl from United Kingdom

i love hamster and this site helps me a lot with my hamster....
farrah from #
email: farrah_loves_puggles@hotmail.com

hi im farrah and i just got a hamster and i love it sooo much!!!!! she is a golden syrian hamster!!! how do i join the hamster club?
nur hannah from Singapore
email: hannah_kiyut@hotmail.com


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