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Sarah from Iceland

This site is sooooooo helpful
Kate & Ozzie,Lionel & Sugar from Canada
email: randomista@hotmail.com

Hi I love hamsters. I think your website is the best. I have three hamsters 2 boys 1 Girl 2 teddy bears boy and girl 1 panda bear boy I was wondering if I could put the Teddy bear female and the Panda bear male toegther they really get along well. I have them in a cage for a hour together. He really likes her and she likes him they don't breed and I think it would be very cool for them to live together. From Kate & the three hammys Lionel Ozzie and Sugar
Kelsea from United States
email: serriamisty3@q.com

this helped me ton i have 4 hamsters....1 boy and 3 girls...the boy is a teddy bear and so is one of the girls...then the other 2 are russian hamsters {dwarfs}....
Tara from United States
email: tara291999@hotmail.com

hey nice sire.this is really cool.i love the games!...BUT COULD YOU ADD MORE?
Cassandra from Canada
email: slipchic101@yahoo.ca

Hey! I <3 this website! Anyways, i am getting a male hamster tomorrow and need to know a good name for him. I don't know what colour he is yet... i guess i'll find out soon! Any suggestions would be GREAT! Thnx, Cassandra
Gwen from USA
email: lizzycotten@yahoo.com

Hi again, I wanted to share something thats really cute about my hammie. Zuphia, my hamster, gets upset if I leave in the morning without giving her a hug and a kiss. She will start chewing on her bars of her cage crazily if I dont. Shes SOOOO adorable!
Gwen from USA
email: lizzycotten@yahoo.com

I'm answering somebody's question they left on the guest book. No, hamsters can not eat sugar cubes. It might stick to the inside of their cheek pouches, and thats not good for them. P.s. Next time ask Nadia Vella on contact us button. :-)
Rachel from United States
email: rer135@gmail.com

I love your website. I have one Hamster. Up until last week I had three but two passed away unecspectedly. So i have pne empty cage and am trying to convence my mom for a new one. So, I`m tiping a page of why I should and saw this site, if it`s ok with you I`m gonna take some facts. :)
Lucariolvx from Canada
email: www.annabakh@yahoo.ca

is it ok for hamsters to eat sugar cubes? and my hamster is named rino the name is from bolt.
Drea from United States
email: dreaan_n@yahoo.com

it seems kinda silly that adults go to forums such as this.but im not gonna lie...I LOVE THIS SITE. it reminded me of how i looooved hamsters when i was younger (even now i go crazy for them). great info, great everything!point it is... HAM-HAMS ARE THE BEST(:

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