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Keeley from Canada
email: kiwi8673@msn.com

this has a lot of useful stuff my friend just got a hamster and she didn't know what to do and i told her to go to this site.She says thanks
cherie and jade from Canada
email: hera_des_raven_du_lac@hotmail.com

your site is very usefull
nasha from Indonesia
email: nashaveteriner@gmail.com

until now, i have 14 hamster n i love them so much!!! the best one is JeJen
nasha from Indonesia
email: nashaveteriner@gmail.com

love hams jiddan!!
sarah from Ireland

My hamster dora was bron on the 19th of june,in a pet shop.She falls asleep in my hands,its soooooo cute!THIS SITE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Madelaine from United States
email: rainbowgirl74@gmail.com

I find this site very useful since i'm preparing to get a hamster in 3 days time.
katiexoxo from United Kingdom
email: devil_katie_12@hotmail.com

i love hamsters so much i really would like one for my birthday my mum said yes but my dad said no so im really annoyed at the moment... my favourite hamster is a syrian because they are the most friendly i think but i also love there colours. so i hope my dad changes his mind but i am deffinately going to keep on about getting one lol.. katie x
Thy from United States
email: thy_pcv@yahoo.com

elloh peoples i have a hamster named juliet and this website really helped me so thank you so so much and yh have a nice life
Dagan from Canada
email: warren_420@live.ca

hi everyone may god bless all your hamster to have the longest life and nice life
^mini^ from Japan
email: fukute_021406@yahoo.com

Hi^-^ it`s my fist time to take care a hamster and i bought my hamster just this week....the first time i bought her home and tried to touch her she keeps on running away from me and so as the second day...but on the third day while she is playing on her wheel i gave her a snack and after she ate i tried to touch her again and she didn`t run away from me instead i think she enjoyed touching her back very gently and got her to sleep...my question is it is possible that my hamster already gaining trust on me?does she feel safe already on her new home?

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