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Morgan Richard from Canada
email: morganrichard103@hotmail.com

Hey everyone! I'm posting this message in memory of my hamster Pashmina who recently passed away from internal bleeding in her colon. My angel, my daughter, my best friend, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. I remember the promise I made to you when we where at the vets, that even though it may hurt at first, the doctors will always make it better. And I know they did. I love you always. From, Mommy
Anna Marie from United States

I love my baby!! She is a adorable golden hamster.
Kim Baker from United States
email: kidsmom@gmail.com

Have fun with your hamsters!!
Bekah from United States
email: bgpeace@gmail.com

my hamster is pooping out bloody diarrhea
kris from Philippines
email: kris_dc19@yahoo.com

hi..im new here..im happy because i read a lot about owning a hamster or having a hamster at home. i have teddy bear but its not good when they have a babies. the female hamster ate her babies so im so sad about that. so after reading this site, i knew that its much better to have a dwarf..i will buy a dwarf now...lol...thank you..hope more articles to come...thank you..
Makaela from Canada
email: lady_bugg65@hotmail.com

My son's hamster just had babies! It was a big surprise as we thought we had purchased two 'male' hamsters. We just started reading up on what to do now and appreciate any help with how to go about raising these little cuties! Thanks!
Erin from Canada
email: splotchee@hotmail.com

this is a great site, i've had 3 hamsters..one syrian and 2 dwarfs now i have anouther dwarf named misnight that i taught tricks..(not bragging or anything but he can turn on command-circle and he can do hurtles!) now im thinking of getting 2 syrians, i haven't had a syrian for 5 years now and im thinking of naming them mango and tango.. they would both be boys-i find them easyer to handle personally- well anyway i have tips on training hamsters if anyone wants to contact me :) :P
Roiy Rino from Indonesia
email: roy_rhino11@yahoo.com

Tryn to make my own hamster farm, nice info
abby from United States
email: daddysgirl2101998@yahoo.com

your website really helps any other website was no good for me thank-you
Ashley Hines from United States
email: whatalittleweirdo@gmail.com

Hi. Im Ashley. I just got my teddy hamster today. He is adorable. I was referred to your site through another site and yours was very useful. My brother tried to hold teddy and teddy bit him right off the bat. Is that normal? thank you so much for the info.

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