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Shelby :) from United States
email: shelbylynne1014@hotmail.com

MichCat from Canada
email: pristina68@live.com

I love the way hamsters sleep in the corner of their home. They sleep up to sixteen hours a day and that is okay by me. I have three hammies. A black bear, a honey bear and a mixed breed. The last one was born in my condo. It was one out of ten babies! Happy hamster ownership!
heather mannion from #

1 of my hamster died on saturday.
Chynna samoil from Canada
email: Cksmonkey@gmail.com

This is such a cool site!!!!!!
madison hamsterlover from Antarctica
email: lolasmith@yahoo.com

i love hamsters!!!!!!
molly from United States
email: mmsoccerlover314@gmail.com

i love my hamster munchkin more than anything!
molly from United States
email: mmsoccerlover314@gmail.com

i love my hamster (munchkin!)
Nina Riley from United States
email: Nina.Riley.99@gmail.com

hi everyone! I am posting this because I really love my hamster Thor. He is a fancy black bear hamster. I love him so much! I am going to Flordia on Thursday and I am going to miss him so much! Love you thor! Mommy
Selena Gomez from United States
email: Selenarocks@gmail.com

Hey It is me Selena Gomez! I love the hamster club. I have a hamster named Frenchy. He is a tan teddy bear hamster. Oh and by the way my next concert is in Orlando Flordia
Ali from United States
email: alispicer12@yahoo.com

I have 6 baby hamsters, and they are awesome. I love them so much! :)

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