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amber from United Kingdom

My hamster had a lump under his throught and cause of this web site he might not die because i found out what it might be :) xxxxxxxx
Daniella from Philippines

I won 2 male syrian hamsters in one of the games presented by the venue on our educational tour. My grandmother named them Avatar and Appa. I am still havinga hard time taming them but thanks to your fully loaded site, life has become easier for me and my darlings thanks sooo much! I love your site!
Rachel Workman from USA
email: rachel_26@msn.com

my hamster made a hamster pregnant!:)
Sianni from England
email: grahamcorbett1@sky.com

My hamster is a very cheeky monkey!!!
Abby from United States

I love hamsters! And I lovehamster club!!!
Lyra from Malaysia
email: husnaza@yaho.com

my hamster is pregnant! (^_^)
ysyha from Philippines
email: andy_licudan@yahoo.com

i love hamsters
Nadia Vella from Malta
email: nadia@hamster-club.com

Hi Deborah, The Ovo habitrail tends to be smaller than a regualar hamster cage so I would suggest adding a normal plastic cage with tubes to the Ovo habitrail.
Deborah from United States

Hey guys! I have 1 question. Do you think that the ovo habitrail is better then the regular hamster cage?
Natelli from Singapore
email: siyingnatelli@hotmail.com

Just stumbled upon this website a few days ago. Hamster Club (HC) is just so cool & fun ! But more improvements can be made. :D

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