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nadiemo ortega from Philippines
email: maw_3@yahoo.com

i love to know more about hamsters <3 (^_^)
Sydney S. from United States
email: analiselovesclemson@hotmail.com

hi! I absolutely looove hamsters. I have a one year old Chinese Dwarf named Jasper. He likes to run in his ball.
Crystal from United States
email: crystal_garland@yahoo.com

I just acquired a robo hamster from animal rescue. I plan on expanding his crittertrail cage. I'm looking for any pictures of crittertrail configurations on the web, but have been unsuccessful. If anyone knows where I can find different configurations, can you let me know? Thanks so much.
Michael from USA
email: vocals40@aol.com

My 12 year old's hampster just passed away - he was a great little guy and she is so upset - and so am I - He was 2 1/2 years old and his name was CiCi -I don't know what happened - but reading your aticles has helped and was very informatative - thanks
sheyanne from United States
email: zavoral01@yahoo.com

can i join!!!???
Jurgita from Luxembourg
email: jurgita_01@yahoo.com

I have a Russian Dwarf hamster.
Elsa from United States

I am going to get a robo hamster! There so cute!
Nikica from Macedonia

sarah from USA

I'm planning to get a hamster soon
Seth from USA
email: zeth_89@yahoo.com

This site is very cool and awesome. Can you guys make a page about making a hamster maze? If so thank you very much. P.S. i like apple sauce

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