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Riley from United States

Hey everyone I am Riley! And I am part of the stacy and morgan info shows! The hamster sprite is really mine but, it shows as morgan's in our shows! I love sprite. Check out the videos and also I have my own serries of shows it is sprite and most of them plays really cool music in the back ground and are funny! check them out!!!
email: joelynn888@live.com

Zee from United Kingdom
email: Zahir@sabka.co.uk

Hi,awesome site mn. I've got a syrian hamster. LOVE IT! its sooooo cool!
Daphne from United States
email: babyclouds516@yahoo.com

Hi, it's Daphne again. I just wanted to thank Nadia for the advice, and I have already found my hamster. She's safe and sound right now snoozing in her cage.
Daphne from United States
email: babyclouds516@yahoo.com

Hi, I just found Hamster Club on yahoo answers. This morning, I went to check on my hamster in her cage, and she was nowhere to be found! I searched through her bedding, and almost everywhere in the house. I already set out all her favorite foods next to her cage. I'm still worried...Please help!
Brady from Malta
email: turiglia@hotmail.com

Hi I'm new to this, are there any hamster club where to meet? and are there any shows here in malta for hamsters?
Federica from Italy
email: fede@yahoo.it

Buon Natale carissima Nadia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Angelica from Poland
email: Spygirl498@aol.com

Hello i want to give my hamster a gift for chrismas (i will not wrap it just give it to him) What should i give him?
Taylor from USA

hey every body i don't have a hamster but i want one i injoy this web site! like all the pictures and videos! i heard about this web site buy my friend she told me about it and i had to see it! HAMSTER CLUB IS AUSOME!!!
RILEY from United States

Hey i'm riley i have a hamster named Sprite she is my first hamster and I love her she is a robo dwarf! She has videos that play songs like lovegame and poker face AND OTHERS like from mj, lady gaga,and black eyed peas!!! check them out!!!

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