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Kennedy from USA
email: kenkevjennings@ymail.com

I LUV hamsters and I'm 95% sure I am getting a new one next friday!
Hannah from United States
email: hannah_96rashel@yahoo.com

Hi my name is hannah i have a golden teddy/panda bear mixed hamster named freckle!!! if u want to be hamster buddies email me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Keke Bokekeo from United States Minor Outlying Islands
email: dhsjkfgqg@the.com

i luv your site. it's helping me to perpare for having ahamster -keke
Emma Caley from United Kingdom

i have a hamster named tim-tim and its so lovely it has white silky fur and runs up and down my stairs
Grace from United States
email: Graceclutter@gmail.com

I have 2 all white hamsters with red eyes and they just had babies, I think there is 5 or 6. this web site helped me alot.
Kelsey from Wales

I have a Syrian Hamster and his name is Spook :)
Amber from United States

LOVE HAMSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
maahum from American Samoa
email: hi@gmail.com

i do not hae a hamster but i will be getting one in feb. 2010. i will get it because i study hamsters even though i am only in third grade but i love hamsters a lot!!!!!!!! :)
Kelsey from United States

I have a tan teddy bear hamster and he is adorable!
laney from United States

hey i have a hamster named pippi! she is a robo dwarf hamster! :) and i she is 3 years old!!! i love her and she loves to spin in her wheel!

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