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Alice from United States

I have a hamster. She is so cute. Her name is Doodles. This is the most helpful site ever! EVER! As in forever EVER! I L-O-V-E HAMSTERS! HAMSTERCLUB ROCKS MY HAMSTER OFF!
alissa from Canada

Alexandra from Canada
email: hamster_lova@rocketmail.com

I have eight dwarf hamsters. Five are girls and three are boys. The mothers name is Millie and the rest of her daughters names are Sophie, Holly, Molly, and Lilly.the father is no longer with us but the three boys names are Bubbles, Speed, and Chase.
Tiara from United States

This website is totally awesome!!
madey from United States

hamster-club rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:3 my hamster is panda! :3
Hannah from Canada

I have a Hamster his name is Kipper. He is a Russin dwarf hamster. I LOVE HIM!!!!!
Gwen from USA
email: lizzycotten@yahoo.com

Hi peoples! I have a hamster named Zuphia, and she had her first escape a few days ago! Thats all the new with me!
IWAN from Indonesia
email: kerjamu@yahoo.com

Hi, i'm Iwan from Indonesia. I found that this site is the best hamster site, because of the complete health information and articles. Once, i got panic with my abandoned pup, so i sent email to this site. And Nadia Vella team replied it less than 1 hour. The answers helps me and the pup to survive! i appreciate it alot! Thank You!
Indigo from Canada
email: glitterbarbie38@hotmail.com

Thxs so much 4 the online support with my hamster by giving me info she had her baby but on is really sick and is gonna pass a way some time next mount but im so sad i have been saving up my money to take her into care for a bit tell she gets better so thxs for all the love.
hamster freak from United States

dear readers, i already wrote here before but as i said i will wait till Feb. (end of Feb.)to get a hamster. i am 8 and in third grade

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