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Nadia Vella from Malta
email: nadia@hamster-club.com

Hi Faye, Thank you for your message. A plastic cage is the best for dwarf hamsters since they can escape from wire cages due to their small size. www.TheHamsterBook.com
faye from United Kingdom

hi me again!!! i fink all the tips r rely helpful, again when i ge my hamsters, im gonna do evryfing it sez!!!!! iv been lookin at hamster cages an wondering if u cud tel me wat type of god cages u cud hav for 2 dwarf hamsters? thnx bye!!
Demija from United States
email: princess6fen@yahoo.com

I love hamsters!!!!!!!!!
faye from United Kingdom
email: fificoco2121@hotmail.com

hi! i read all the tips . i fink ther really helpful, thnx! my mum wil be soon getting me 2 baby dwarf hamsters!! cant wat!!!! ther gonna be called lollypop and bubbles!! do u fink ther good names?
Miriam from Thailand

Oh I received the guide book, love hamsters and the guide book is great!!!
Emily from United States

Love hamsters!!But I can't have one.
Miss Hannah from Canada
email: Canttellforsafty@hotmail.com

Wow! This guide really helped! When I read the section of how to make your hamster stop chewing the bars of its cage paragraph, it told me to tape a toilet paper role to it. Im watching my hamster right now flip all over it, instead of making a racket! I can finally right my book in peace! (Off topic, but if the bopoks Bunny on the Rolling Hills, or Island of Terror comes out, it's my book!)
Vladmir from United Kingdom
email: vvvdmr8975@yahoo.co.uk

Hey Nadya, Thank you so much for this pleasant site and for your help! Hope to see you soon, Cheers
Neve from United Kingdom

My hamster Freddy says hi lol hes a sryian golden brown male and he is sooooo cuttee he loves chewing on his bonio's lol did anybody actually know that not all hamsters are vegetarians he loves the chicken ones haha bye
Gwen from USA
email: lizzycotten@yahoo.com

Dear Hamster Lovers; I would like to leave a message for my hamster Zuphia.Last night she passed away. I cant write any more cause i have to go but please feel sympathy for me. She wasnt even a year old. -Gwen

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