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Guest from England

Hi. I first bought a female syrian hamster a month ago and got no idea with it, lol thanks to this helpful site. keep it up guys! i'll be watching you... lol *paw prints*
jack from United States
email: maddison.dougall@mailshell.org

hello all
Nadia Vella from Malta
email: nadia@hamster-club.com

Hi Jabby,

A Syrian hamster / Teddy Bear hamster is ideal for a first timer. Good luck for your competition and feel free to email us about hamster concerns by click here!

Jabby from USA

Hi ya'll! I am sooo excited... my mom put up a bet that if I win won of my dance competitions I can get two hamsters depending on the breed. Uhhh, this question goes out to all viewers. Whichever breed wins is the one I will choose... okay, which breed of hamster is the cutest, easiest to take care of and most active(not including the robo hamster). Thanks for all your cooperation and I will get back to you on what breed you viewers chose.
Gwen from USA
email: lizzycotten@yahoo.com

Hi people! Faye: I would look on the reproduction page on this website, it will probably help. Also, you can contact Nadia with the 'Contact Us' button instead of the guestbook. No problem with you talking to Nadia on the guest book, I just wanted to make sure you knew about the Contact Us button. It has helped me a LOT! :-)
faye from United Kingdom

hi me again! its been ages now since my friends hamster was pregnant. can u tell me if a hamster dwarf can be late havin her babies? also my friend says shes havin 16!! is that possible?
rebeccamay from United Kingdom
email: beckie12@live.com

Selena Gomez from USA
email: Selnarocks28@gmail.com

Hi! This is Selena Gomez! I love hamsters! I use to have one named Monttie! He was a black teddy bear hamster. If you live in Florida, I will have a concert there next month! Selena Gomez
Nadia Vella from Malta
email: nadia@hamster-club.com

Hi Faye, From 18 to 21 days from mating, feel free to email me. www.hamster-club.com/reproduction.asp
faye from United Kingdom

hi me again! see my friends dwarf hamster (where im getting my hamsters from) is pregnant and wev been waitin for ages!! shes that heavey, she broke one of the ladders!! so cud u tel me how long u think it will be until she has herr babies and how many she mite hav plz??

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