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Ham from Canada

your website is awesome!
Nadia Vella from Malta
email: nadia@hamster-club.com


Yes Manuel, I totally agree, especially in small countries like Malta have this problem about 'hamster inbreeding'. While we provide information about hamster reporoduction, we do specify that it is best to adopt when possible and not to breed.

Whilst I thank you for your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.

Kind regards
Nadia Vella

Celia from United States
email: celianeveu@yahoo.com

manuel from Malta
email: vassallomanuel@hotmail.com

Great site Nadia ,but could you please make it more clear for all those people who enter in here NOT TO BREED HAMSTERS MOSTLY IF THEY COME FROM PET SHOPS cause it make more complications in their genetics .Just let them make lot of research on hamsters before breed them Thanks
Jessie from United States
email: JessMedley09@hotmail.com

This is a really cool and helpful site. Hamster club rocks!
Joubsjusspado from
email: latlitleelerb@medmail.info

Hi, you really have a nice website.
Miriam from Australia

I love hamster club you rock
keithrine from Philippines
email: keithrinelawodna@yahoo.com

hamster club rocks!!!! yeah!
Tracy Ball from United Kingdom
email: abacus85@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks for all your help.
Jean Michael from United Kingdom
email: jenamik@gmail.com

THANK YOU for such a wondeful hamster website and club

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