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Dem Loveall from USA
email: dloveall@nycap.rr.com

You guys are wonderful....love this site!!!!
Gwen Cotten from USA
email: lizzycotten@yahoo.com

Hi Hamster lovers! I had a hamster named Zuphia, she died a few months ago. I miss her very much. I'm hoping to get another hamster soon. My dream hamster (the perfect hamster that I really would like) would be a white long-haired cuddly-personality hamster. Maybe I'll find one someday. I really hope I can get a new hamster soon!! :) Sincerely: A fellow Hamster lover: Gwen
makayla from USA
email: makayladixon56@yahoo.com

i love hamsters am so glad to be in your guest book i will always love hamsters and being here
samuel coulson from United Kingdom
email: s.coulson11@virginmedia.com

fun website :)
Nina Chrsitensen from Denmark

Hello, Love the website. It has helped me a lot with my two hamsters. I have now found out why my Hanibal (My oldest hamster) Bites his bars! I love knowing that they are not sick. And how I can see it!
Ashley from USA
email: macfatcat@yahoo.com

Thanks for everything, I LOVE hamsters!!
Kat from USA
email: Kat.Growl@yahoo.com

This website is awesome, i got a pregnant hamster and I've had some baby hamsters before but that was years ago, I read your section on hamster pregnancy and my hamster had 10 babies all in good health, thanks to you!
Louis Reed from United States

Thank you for your helpful hamster advice.
ana paola from United States
email: ms.anapaola@gmail.com

dude your website is awsome how old are u anyways
Rita from Malta

thanks for such a professional advice.

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