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Gissel Perez from United States
email: lachinagiss@aol.com

I have a hamster he is 2 years old around there he's a syrian hamster and he always plays and to me he looked healthy and one day a bump appeared on his back and he got really lazy for 2 days and when I took him out to see what was wrong I saw the lump and it looked like it has puss and it popped and he was bleeding my mother put some home made cream for him made of coconut all natural ingrediants and when she put it on it went down a little over time and then he went back to his old self and played but the bump was still there just not as big a month or so later I would call him and he would just look up look at me and go back to sleep he always wakes up around 10 pm and plays and it was 12 I just thought he was probably sleepy so I left him alone then my mom tells me that he looks like he's dieing and that now the lump he had on his back which in that area he had lost his hair is now on his chest but it looks dark and his hair isn't falling out there he just lays and his breathing is kinda forced I took him out and he just layed on his back and he had his eyes closed he didn't move I touched his leg and he was kicking I took his water bottle and I was trying to see if he drank and he only drank a little and then would open his mouth and close it he is draging himself to move he isn't walking around he's just laying on his stomach I don't know if he's in pain I hope not I don't know what I should do I don't know how much it would cost to take him to a vet is he going to die ?
jeri from Philippines
email: te_jeanne@yahoo.com

hi hamster club
Meghan from USA

i just got a hamster on saturday and she is so cute khole is a baby she is so cute but fat she gets stuck in her tubesand love to eat coslaw .she loves her wheel and all of my famile love you Khole
Hannah from United States

I have a very FAT Teddy Bear Hamster. Her name is Heidi Lynn, but I call her Heidi or Heidi-Bear. She is a golden-tan-ish color, and has big black eyes. To me she is the cutest thing on earth!
ammar from Jordan
email: ammarawawdeh@gmail.com

sap ??!! i have a hamster but i dont know if it was a he or a she my friend gave it to me week ago its name is ORCA (killer weal actually) its white with red eyes
Devonne from United States
email: petsunlimited@live.com

I LOVE THIS WEBSITE i have a hamster her name is Shadow she is so CUTE!
martin shiel from United Kingdom
email: fluffy902@hotmail.co.uk

i have just found this site by chance. we have a new hamster and the site has told me a lot about hamsters. so now it is tme to buy a potty as she keeps on doing the toilet in her house
charlotte holmans from United Kingdom
email: charlotteholmans@hotmail.co.uk

I love this website. I have just lost my dear beloved teddy bear hamster spike. He was 3 and a half! 80 years old in human years! May he forever rest in peace.
becca from Scotland
email: beccann33@yahooco.uk

i love this website
Brianna from United States
email: breehanna@yahoo.com


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