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fooraWesImarm from Central African Republic
email: n.apier65.5765@gmail.com

Anna from United Kingdom

Hi :) I have a boy hamster and a girl hamster. The boy hamster is very easy to tell from the girl! The girl hamster is out a lot more in the day; Yet the boy hamster is ALWAYS asleep!
Susie Robbins from United States
email: srobbins123@q.com

In addition to my 3 hamsters, I have 6 female guinea pigs that I rescued. They are a joy! Their names are Jasmine, Darla, Lucy, Laverne, Shirley, and Dixie (my grandpig). Hee, Hee.
Susie Robbins from United States
email: srobbins123@q.com

I have 2 female robos, named Allison and Margaret and 1 female dwarfie named Daisy Rose. I love them very much and they have enriched my life!
Joshua Harmer from United Kingdom
email: joshua.a.harmer@gmail.com

Hello i love hamsters :D
mackala onyan from #

Erin Symone from United States
email: erinsymone@live.com

Hello, I love this website. (: I had a dwarf hammie who passed away a while ago. I was really sad, but I finally decided to adopt 2 new girl dwarfies & I already adore them!!
Elodie Allan from United Kingdom
email: dancingelodie@hotmail.co.uk

My Hamster Is Squeaking And He Is A Year And A Half He Is A Syrian Hamster
angelica from USA
email: angelicaanguiano18@yahoo.com

I love your wesite:)
Nadia Vella from Malta
email: nadia@hamster-club.com

Hi Gissel Perez,

Unfortunately your hamster will die from old age...it is a natural process that many hamsters go through. Tumours may appear due to inbreeding or due to old age.

The important thing is to remove any sharp objects like wooden toys or ladders so that the lump will not re-burst. Taking the hamster to a vet at this time will not help the hamster since he is very close to the next stage of life. I'm sorry for your loss and feel free to contact us.

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E :: nadia@hamster-club.com

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