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Tanya from Bahamas
email: talented_tanya1@hotmail.com

I have two hamsters and everytime i put them together they constantly fights.! Can They Mate? If So Tell Me Pls
hamsterloverforever from United States

jacob from Canada
email: c_la71@live.ca

my hampster runs on the whell a lot.
Hamster Club from Malta
email: info@hamster-club.com

@Suzannah-Marie Jimerson You would need to replace it every day. I suggest you bring him a new toy like a new plastic house and put it at the bottom of the cage, evenually if the hamster likes it he will no longer put thing in the tube.

Nadia Vella
Hamster Club
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Suzannah-Marie Jimerson from United States
email: suzannahjimerson@yahoo.com

My hamster brings bedding to the upper part of his cage when he wakes up around 8:00 pm, and by the time i get out of the shower at 6 he's shoving it down his tube and getting stuck, what should i do?????
Suzannah-Marie Jimerson from United States
email: suzannahjimerson@yahoo.com

OMG!! i love hamsters sssoooo much, I got my first one when i was 10 and ever since then I'v had one. They are so cute and cuddly. my hamster i have now is only 1 month old he is adorable!!!!! SMJ XOXO <3
BEATRICE M LOVE from United States
email: AlanaiElentari@hotmail.com

I have always been a small pet person. I started with Rats, then there is Patricia Cottontail; she was given to me, as a inch long, abandoned bunny. We conquered the hardships and now she is five years old. She is a spoiled baby, and knows she owns the world. Have a wonderful day! Beatrice
Bill Anthony from USA
email: bigman50_1.1@juno.com

I have 2 Spike(who is chinese, and STomey who is Campbell they act like two children. They make us feel good and laugh alot.
lidia ibarra from United States
email: laio_760@yahoo.com

I Lovee Hamsters Ndd ii Lovee This Website (:
breeghan from United States
email: breezyjo@cox.net

i love this website and my hamster lollipop is doing awesome but she shakes when their is a storm so last night she was shaking

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