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alec from USA
email: idk@yahoo.com

Great site
bubba jones from Afghanistan
email: bubba@jones.net

I Love Afghanistan and I Love Hamsters!
Lesley P. from United States
email: 2_disillusioned@sbcglobal.net

I love my hamsters Miracle & Megabyte, RIP to our Itchy-bon
Breonna Daniels from United States
email: Breonnadaniels@79yahoo.com

have seen the hamster video the hamster are so cute.
Breonna Daniels from United States
email: Breonnadaniels@79yahoo.com

i have a teddy bear hamster and he 3yr old and he starting to move solow im am really worried about him everyday because he used be high energy running away
lilana popface from Azerbaijan
email: 1234@yahoo.com

i want to have babies with my hamster! we will make te cutest babysss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like nowwww and i love this website it helped me so muchhh
riana parisi from Albania
email: 1234lonelygirlyahoo@live.com

hamster club helped me sooooooooooo muchh!!! because it taught me how to take care of a hamster... cuz im lonelyyyy and my hamster keeps me company. the reason im soo lonely is bacause im uglyy and no boys like me :/ but u know.. ive never ever kissed ANYONE, so i kiss my hamsterr i kiss him allll the time and i love him.. i think i might marry him somedayy ;)
Kirsty from United Kingdom
email: mangakitten@hotmail.com

Hi I have seen your page about how to tame a hamster and seen that it is a very good page, I would love to add that as with my own hamsters, (I am on my 4th hamster in 4 years syrian breed). And would love to add that I have noticed with all my syrians that I have owned and seen through handling that none of them have really liked being held in my hands, and they have all been really tame, to me (but the exception of my newest hamster who I have only has for 5 days) And she is shy so I tried her on a cat litter scoop where she felt safe to come out her cage and into a little box where she let me stroke her. As for what I wanted to say was if I made a youtube video of how to tame a hamster in an easy way if that you would want to put it up on your channel to help people insted of just having the information so, they have a different idea on how to tame them in 2-4 weeks depending on the nature of the way the act. I hope that you could reply to this. Many thanks kirsty
Nadia Vella from Malta
email: nadia@hamster-club.com

@ Adela
All hamsters love larger cages so it shouldn't be a problem. With regards to the bed only your hamster can decide whether s/he will use it or not : )

Nadia Vella
Hamster Club
The Hamster Book
Guinea Pigs And Hamsters Network

adela chapman from United Kingdom
email: dellybean5@hotmail.com

I have a sryin hamster and im trying to find her a bed for her cage i might get her a bigger cage but she is neally a year old and i dont no if it would destirbe her what should i do? please help me! as id like to no before new years eve xxx thank you

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