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madeline from USA

i love my hamster! this is a cool hammie website
Isabella from United Kingdom
email: nayiayiakoumaki@hotmail.com

All the imformation helped alot to take care of my syrian hamster.thank you hamster club I wouldn't be able to take of my hamster with out your amazing website. Isabella
Julie from Canada
email: Julesandmeg@hotmail.co

I now know that my hamster has sticky eyes and I because of this website I knew what to do . Thank you hamster club
Sydney from Canada

Amazing :) The health section definitely helped me determine if my hamsters have mange and/or mites (Fairly sure they do ont)
Donabel Jumao-as from Philippines
email: bea.dona@yahoo.com

Nice website! it can help us to more about hamsters :) like me first time to care a hamster ''teddy bear'' :) keep it up!
Eric from United States
email: eric@yarnaudioworks.com

An invaluable resource!
Lil from United Kingdom

i dont know where to get a hamster baby any ideas???? It has to be a healthy hamster baby
Steven Stivala from Malta

Nice work! Keep it up ;)
Steve from United Kingdom
email: stevenwatts_@hotmail.com

Great Site! Check out my super cute video I just made of my black bear hamster and his friend! Hamsters Mess Around
Mas Yusof from Malaysia
email: masbabe6481@yahoo.com.my

Good info. Welldone. I have A pair of white russian. Female named Chikaro n Male named Chikara.

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