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trent from United States
email: trent.jurrians@gmail.com

I love hamsters! I have had 3 hamsters before! I am trying to convince my parents to let me get another one.....mine died
John Newman from United States
email: jnewman@heritagetractor.com

Love me some furry buddies!! so cuddly and cute!!
Antoine J. Hili from Malta
email: sanpubljum@gmail.com

Hamster Club is doing a great job ! I asked for some advice and I was genuinely given direct help !!! Animal welfare organisations such as hamsterclub should increase
Amber from USA
email: babygirl54559@yahoo.com

I Love My Hamster i named him Peanut and i take very good care of him and i also spoil him rotten but it can be a good thing it shows him i love and care for him! i got him from the pet store and hes been a good boy soo far olny bit me one time(: i love hamsterss !
lucy from England
email: lucy888788@gmail.com

i <3 hammys
Carol from United Kingdom
email: caroldale84@yahoo.com

I love Hamsters i used to have hamsters but sadlie they ere no longer with me and i miss and i love them all and they be in my heart forever and they ere so cute and adorable and i just love seeing all of youre hammie pics love and hugs carol xxxxx
Emily from United States
email: fluffyjaguar@yahoo.com

I <3 Hamsters
Amanda Gillespie from United Kingdom
email: ajgill11@yahoo.co.uk

our hamsters rock!!
Abby, Alex and James-Hammy Artola from United Kingdom
email: abbyartola@hotmail.co.uk

Love and (((hugs))) From Camden, London xxx
Adele Tuffill from United Kingdom
email: adele.tuffill@sky.com

loving the site, as a huge hamster lover its great to share experiences and look at everyones beautiful hamsters x

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