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jackson from United Kingdom
email: jackson@hotmail.com

Your site is amazing!! keep it going.
Ron from United States

I enjoyed staying with your site, will surely come back to learn more.
Mandy from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Excellent site shall remember and recommend
Walter from Netherlands
email: hamsterloverr@yahoo.com

Hi, great site!
Dinesh from Bulgaria

Cool!!!I wish I can have a hamster!
Sarah from Hong Kong

I LUV HAMSTERS!!! i used to have a hamster named Hamtaro, he died of a tumor, & and a hamster named Stan, he died becouse he was stupid.(he escaped his cage and died in the basment) U have a cool site!
Monica from United States
email: monicacdt@yahoo.com

I found the artilces section very interesting :) keep up the good work!
Natalia from United States

Lovely site
Roberta from Malta

Interesting and informative website. Well done to Nadia and her team. Keep up the good work :)
imero from Malta
email: imero@di-ve.com

hi.. well done very good site.. keep it up.. Nadia Vella posts some very interesting articles...

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