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Jessica D. from United States
email: jessica.rd.88@hotmail.com

I currently have 13 hamsters
Meg from United States
email: ooblushy88oo@aol.com

Lovely site! Cute pictures too ;-)
Shoowjoitte from
email: shoowjoitte@mymail-in.net

Hi. Good design, who make it?
becky wilmot from United States
email: hi@hi.jhi

Hammy Love from United States
email: Hammylove@yahoo.com

Amazing site and nice articles. Cheers!
becky from United Kingdom
email: coolpinky94@hotmail.com

i have a piebald syrian hamster called nibbles. this site is good. i am also looking for a bigger cage for my hamster to keep her occupied and she has nearly chewed her way through two of the bars!
Doris from Malta

Wooooo x'website faqqajtilna. Prosit to Nadia and all her team. x x Doris
Apolljon from United Kingdom
email: apolljon@yahoo.co.uk

Thanks for adding my hamster pictures on hamster-club.com :) I'm very happy with them :)
Patrick from United Kingdom
email: patrick@yahoo.co.uk

excellent site, very informative
Hamster Rescue (UK) from United Kingdom
email: hamsterrescue@btinternet.com

Very nice informative website and a pleasure to browse. Best Wishes Hamster Rescue (UK) http://www.hamsterrescue.org.uk

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