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Ronald from United States
email: hammysbest@hotmail.com

Hey dude, I like your site!! You rock!!
claire from England
email: Claire.R.19.05@hotmail.co.uk

i how do i join it is a goos site
Katie from United States
email: kat301@gmail.com

How do you join?
Kiki from United Kingdom
email: kiki@yahoo.com

Hi I like your site
Lara from Belgium
email: laranice@hotmail.com

Wonderful site!
Blair from USA

My HAMSTER'S name is Nike
Leah from United States

shan from USA
email: shanrn5@aol.com

hey hamster lovers. i am one too. got 2 named night and owl and a guinea pig named fergie. i once owned 7 hamsters at same time yrs back and named them according to there looks and personality--- missy, baby, male,activa,brown eye,smallie and cutie. any one wanna be animal pals?
shan from USA
email: shanrn5@aol.com

hey all u hamster lovers . i am one too. got 2-- night and owl and a guinea pig named fergie . many yrs back i once owned 7 at the same time ( hamsters that is) had some cool names for them according to there personality--- (mother)missy,(father)baby, (kids)- male(only male offspring), activa,brown eye,smallie, and cutie. anyone wanna be animal pals?
Robert Macdonald from United Kingdom
email: groovygramp@gmail.com

Hey guys great site very informative. I just finished my hamster site http://www.Hamster-Palace.com/ Check it out! See you guys, Hail all hamster lovers!

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