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hannah from USA
email: moto750@bellsouth.net

i love hamsters. i have 2 hamsters.
Lett from Singapore
email: wengyeeloke@yahoo.com.sg

This web is cool!!! I will show you all my fave hamster, Lala, next time!!!
hkiire from Brunei Darussalam

hamsters rock!!!!!!!! go hamsters i have 25 hamsters they roam freely through my house!!!!!!!!
Kirstin from United States
email: kirstin_j_smith@cocast.com

This place is awsome! I cant wait to send you guys cute pictures of Snowball, my hamster!
stacey from England
email: staceymcgilchrist118@msn.com

i love hamsters they are the best and i have 2 called bubbles and sammie this website is amazing xxx
charley from United Kingdom
email: lilcharlilmat@hotmail.co.uk

i love hamsters they are so lovley and i have one called sqeak
question person from United States
email: greendayfob@aim.com

ok answer this question.....do guinea pigs and hamster get along ... i need to know :)
kiki from Malta
email: spotdean@gmail.com

You've got lovely hamstes! :o)
Katy from Barbados
email: katythe_best@hotmail.com

Hey Hamster Lovers! I love Hamsters!!
KefteareE from
email: offesepay@mail.ru

Make peace, not war!

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