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EJ from USA
email: bleuoceans@gmail.com

Hi!!! I just got a new hamster. I believe his is Syrian? But anyhow he is beige and white and his name is Spiderman. . . he is so very cute!! ^ _ ^
Melissa from United States
email: cookiemely@yahoo.com

I love Hamsters soooooo much my mom said I could buy a princess cage for my Hamster! But my hamster was a fluffly bear hamster and mine wicth was named cookie... she died because she was 2 years old, and I cried for about 2 days in a half! So my mom said I could buy another one in wensday and she was a robo female hamster and I named her veve.By the way cookie died in Valentines Day! My other hamster that died was called Oroe and he was a male Hamster.Veve is sooooooooo tiny and adorable but I still miss my other hamsters!
Dana from USA
email: dana.humber@googlemail.com

I love hamsters and when I found this website I learned more about the hamster than I ever thought. I love the quiz and all the information. THANK-YOU HAMSTER CLUB!!!
Rachel from Ireland

I had a long haired syrian hamster called Zappy. He was so cute!! Just a little fluff ball. He was the colour of snow!! *sighs*
Gemma from United Kingdom
email: gemma-stacey@hotmail.co.uk

I have 2 hammies. both are syrian hamsters. one is white the other chocolate. they are called snowy and coco. Nice site. xx
nataleev from United States
email: nataleev@sc2000.net

Typehiply from
email: alcoh1002@mail.ru

Greetings to everyone !! You www.hamster-club.com always interestingly. Respect to the author! It is better, than to write the report about ,undoubtedly. Bye!So long!
Cara from United States
email: frostiepaws@sbcglobal.net

I love hamsters. My one hamster, Hammy, just died Tuesday 2/5/08. He was 2-3 years so he was old. My first hamster to actually turn gray. Anyway, now I have a shy and holdable baby hamster named Graham. He's such a cutie. I'll have to send in pics of him.
Deseray from United States

I found out how to tell if hamsters are pregnant,and my hamter is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
email: moto750@bellsouth.net


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