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justyne patterson from USA
email: chunkymonkeyfunk@yahoo.com

hi im justyne i love this site but my mom wont let me get a hamster. i dont no y? they r sooooooo cut and cuttley thow!!!!! do u have eney ideas on how to get your mom to get u a hamster??, justyne <3 hamsters
Mia Bysinger from United States
email: miabysinger@live.com

I breed hamsters. Your site was very informative, thankyou!
alexus rene ross from United States
email: arrprincess@yahoo.com

club hamster is soooooooooo cool and if u don't even like hamsters get off!now!
seiko from Singapore
email: seikomatsuda84@yahoo.com.sg

Hi, this club was suggested by one of the SHC members so here I am looking at the Club for the 1st time. It really rocks!!
hema khan from Trinidad
email: khanhematrini@yahoo.com

love hamsters
fox from United Kingdom
email: doggiegowoofwoof@googlemail.com

I LUV hamsters SO much!!! I even have my very own cute lil' hamster!!! A hamster fan, Fox
hema khan from Trinidad
email: khanhenatrini@yahoo.com

dear hamster club, i had 4 hamsters 3 died but 1 is still living. i carry her to the vet and buy treat for her. i am sad 3 had to die.
Nico from United States

hamsters! i love hamsters LOL!
ashlilyn from United States
email: tara_lennae@yahoo.com

hamsters are cute and cuddly
Abby from Canada
email: ilovemygerbil@hotmail.com

Hi I really love this site. Maybe you could add a little bit more information. I have two hamsters. Their names are Mishca and Tobie. LOve this site, Abby

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