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Minnie Miley Luigi from USA
email: alexjablonski33@yahoo.com

I love hamsters! I had five hamsters but two died so i only have three now. minnie and miley are girls but luigi is a boy. I think everybody should have a hamster!!!
saskia from Barbados
email: saskia_shotta@hotmail.com

i love hamsters!!!! i have 4 there names are flash (he's gray) fatso(she's brown) lefty (has 3 hands) rity (has 3 hands) n my baby hammy aka son lol had him since he waz a little puny wuney baby....... love em alll
Crystal from United States
email: Crystalxmack@aol.com

i love this site, its informational and gives me great advice about my hamster Bingo!
Danielle from United Kingdom
email: cooldanni@hotmail.co.uk

Hi!!! I Love your site! It rocks so do hamsters.They are the no.1 pet in the world. Idont have a hamster yet. My dad is ok with it but my mum doesn't want one in the house! what should i do HELP!
Minnie from United Kingdom

I Love Hamsters SOOOOOOOO much!!!!!
Hannah from United States
email: hannah.hardmeier@yahoo.com

i love my cute little hamsters they are so adoriable
gangsta hamsta from United States
email: jacquelineweaslyismyking@gmail.com

I got my first hamster when i was six and now im ten and ive never gone a full day without a hamster and I Love my cute little hamsters and they even had babies ( three litters)
brooke from United States
email: sexy_azz_girl_89@yahoo.com

omg i love hamsters i have one and i'm geting one more and then i'm going to breed them so i can have a hamster family cuz they r so cute i love love love them so much they r u grate i love them i got my first one some time last month and i just love hie so much and for u kids out there if ur mom or dad tell u no keep asking them and they will get you one cuz i asked my mom and dad about 100 times and i got one so keep asking..... @hearts;brooke♥
alyssa from Canada
email: sanscola@rogers.com

I love hamsters!!!!!
daesha from United States
email: lesterdaequana@yahoo.com

I really really like hamsters cause their cute & cuddly.even though i dont have one my cousin has one named aries & every day i come over her house i beg her to play with her.cause shes so cute and cuddly!!LUV DAESHA P.S.HAMSTERS ROX

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