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skylear from Puerto Rico
email: boricuaushouldkno@yahoo.com

! luv dis w3bz!t3 @nd ma 2 h@mzt3rz
JAnz from Singapore
email: janice02_lee@hotmail.com

I hav a hanster named cookie(female)... how do i eventually know if my hamster is a male or female..?
Emily from United States

I have a fancy short hair hamster named caremel.Shes a girl. ps this site rocks!
PrincessGalaxy from United States
email: gunthersgirll234@aol.com

I just got a hamster on the 14th cause it was my birthday it was really cute i named her Pepsi!!!!!!!!!!!
.<3*Yadirha from USA

I have to Teddy Bear Hammies.One is a boy and the other is a girl.I just got the girl hammie.But i dont know how old both od them are.The boys name was already Elvis when i got him so i decided to name the girl Priscilla!=] Ive been living with hamsters ever snice i was about 3! Now im 13!I <3 Hammiez
tyler from Dominica
email: teatee726@aol.com

hey i just got a hamster like 3dayzzz ago and it's a baby boy and it;s a teddy bear hamster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Becky from South Africa

I love hamsters. I have two russian dwarf hamsters. One is called Whiskers the other one is called Jolie.
Sophie from United Kingdom
email: xx-sophie-123xx@hotmail.co.uk

I dont know weather to breed my hamster, please can someone help me? My hamster is only 4 months old and i need to some ideas for next year if i want to breed her. Thanx
Sophie from United Kingdom
email: xx-sophie-123xx@hotmail.co.uk

Syrian Hamsters are the BEST! i love them so much! They are great company and make you laugh!
SB from Scotland
email: elaine.burns3@btinternet.com


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