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Cindy from China
email: cindyshatw@hotmail.com

I was so sad because my hamster died and i don't know what to do but "www.hamster-club.com"help me with everything. Thank You
atalantyasanders-cox emily baker from England
email: atalantasanders-cox@live.co.uk

we are having a party for my hamster honey. she is oe one . .x. love lanti and emily.x.
james campbell from United Kingdom
email: sue.campbell2@ntlworld.com

hi to you all i am 15 and i have got my 1st hamster
Izzie from United Kingdom
email: Wolvie10@Hotmail.co.uk

My hamsters Holly ( half syrian and half unown but long velvety fur) and Hammy (half dwarf Russian and half syrian) love the web site.
Kathryn from England
email: little-kathryn@hotmail.co.uk

I never had a pet before but when i got a hamster it was like a dream come true, Hamster club helped me loads. Me and my hamster love reading the newsletter together
Tammy from United Kingdom

Ive signed up to the newsletter and now me and my male hamster, Clive read it together!!!!
Wwoon from Malaysia
email: wwoon@hotmail.com

i got 4 hamster now, 2M + 2F. but 1 of M like fighting.
Nick Spanton from Canada
email: Nick1706@hotmail.com

My hamsters name is P-nut he is the best Thank you www.hamster-club.com because my hamster is missing hair and i needed help and you helped me out thanks
Andreinc13 from USA
email: andreinac13@yahoo.com

my hamster is beautiful i love her her name is Cassie M. and she's right next to me so she says hi! thanx!!!
tori from USA
email: arwen1228@gmail.com

i have two dwarf hammies- ebony and snowflake!

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