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Cindy from Taiwan
email: cindyshatw@hotmail.com

I got a new hamster but i don't know how to see if it is a boy or a girl
stephanie from United States
email: fanycute_sn@yahoo.com

I have one hamster and his name is ham ham
_tillli_ from England
email: talialaing@yahoo.com

Hey i want to persuade my parents to buy me a hamster. Any tips????PLZ!!!
teauna from United States
email: teaunabrown@yahoo.com

I have a hamster but it seems she dont like me. for some reason i think she might be sick but i dont no yet.
Rikkie from Afghanistan

I dont have a hamster yet but i am getting one soon ((think i'll name him peaunt)) :)
Nori from United States

Hello! I'm Nori new to the site and I have a Female Teddy bear hamster called Jazzy.
sophie from United Kingdom

Hii i have one robo dwarf hamster called george he is very active and loves to play on his wheel!
matthew from #

I have two hamsters
katie harris from United Kingdom
email: www.jameswelford@ntlworld.com

my hamster is called troy he loves to play in his ball and seesaw
sweet from United Kingdom

thanks for your help Nadia!

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