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Samantha from United States
email: wishbearwanders@Yahoo.com

Hi I have a hamster, well my family does but she's pretty much mine, she likes me best, but there's something wrong with her, she's lost A LOT of fur on her bottom half, and it's all red, I thought it was just an allergy but we've changed her bedding, took out her wooded log, the only thing left is her food but it's just average hamster food, and we wont know which seed it is, but we can't afford to take her to the vet yet, we will soon, but if anybod know's how to help PLEASE help me!!! Oh and also another symptom she has is that where she's lost her fur it's all red, at 1st I thought it was just because she's like a year old but it wouldn't be all red and apperently REALLY itchy for her =/ can somebody PLEASE help it would be greatly apperetated!!!
Bethany from United States
email: seriniyity@hotmail.com

Hi there! Just got my Honey Bear Hamster last thursday for my 22nd birthday! I named him Custard! <3 He's only a couple months old. He kinda seems really lonely though, but most of the time has all the usual hamster energy! (I'm looking into a distance tracker for his wheel!) I can't wait until he warms up to me. I hope to get a lot of tips on what to feed him and what games to play with him from this site, so thanks! Custard will appreciate it. ;)
Alexa from USA

Hi my sister's hamster had a stroke and he needs help urgently. PLEASE give me some advice! My sister is so upset and we have to know what to do. Thanks. :(
Degrassie from United States
email: littlekittykat@myway.com

Hi ! My hamsters name is Mr. Moomers. its a funny name but he answers to it. he loves mushed grapes and carrots. hes only months old I think because i got him at Petsmart. Mr. Moomers is a Dalmation hamster and he looks like a farm cow. ( his Name)
Ivi from South Africa
email: ivana1295@gmail.com

ag no man my hamster just died this morning and i really dont know what to do cause her babys are 2 weeks old and i need to know what to do with them!
Lizzy from United Kingdom
email: lizy_d@live.co.uk

I have just got my chinese dwrf hamster today and zeus is gorgeous, he is so sweet and has settled right into his surroundings. You'll be seeing more of him soon when he's got used to me and I've been able to get a photo of him!
Emily from USA

My hammie is the best!!!
emmi from USA
email: hamsterluvr1017@yahoo.com

My hamster's name is Marshmallow. He's a panda hamster.....too cute!!! HE LUVS BLUEBERRIES AND CARROTS!!!! My friends call him my boyfriend!! luv him lots!! This site is awesome!
meg from United Kingdom
email: poshdotty@hotmail.com

hi cool site rite?
kaylawonghy from Hong Kong
email: kaylawonghy@hotmail.com

My hamster's name is Numble.he loves cookies and bread crumbs.his favourite food is cheese!!my sister also owns a hamster and his name is called hoby.

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