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Daniela from United States
email: ella.perez8@gmail.com

Hi :) I really like this website because I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE hamsters plus this site has a lot of useful info on hamsters! Thanks so much for making an awesome website!
Laura Bunting from United Kingdom
email: l.bunting@hotmail.com

Thank you for accepting me. I like the website.
73001234 from United States
email: cainsamantha@yahoo.com

Um right now my hamster has this black thing on his back and it looks like a mole like the ones on your face! im realy worried ive had him for a long time and i need to know if hes okay someone please help me find the answer to what is wrong with him! please! :'(
Sydney from Canada
email: gutsgrubs@gmail.com

Youre the best I'm getting a hamster for my birthday what do you think I should name him/her
kourtnee from USA
email: bradykourt@yahoo.com

You all rock
Faith from Canada
email: faithlynnporter@gmail.com

Hey! Im a biiiiiggg hamster lover! I have an Gerbil and 2 hamsters, but im not sure what kinds my 2 hamsters are..
Kaitlyn doyle from Canada
email: K.doyle24@yahoo.ca

I love hamster I have a hamster named buddy
Kathy Hedden from United States
email: keansburgbabe@optonline.net

I just got a teddy bear hamster for my daughter before Christmas Eve and hes the cutest most loveable hamster. We had a Sieriane hamster and a dawarf The sierians name was Aiden and the dwarf was Chubbas. Now our teddy bear is names Stewart after Stewart little. I rather have a teddy bear and sierian. They are more loveable than the dwarf.
valerie Tucker from United States
email: tuckerval72@yahoo.com

Hi Im A Newbe to all of this I have a brown hamster she looks like a brown bear I call her little bear.I would like to learn how to take care of her. Thanks Val
Douglas from United States
email: drw61984@yahoo.com

I have two Russian dwarf hamsters that i got last week. First time hamster owner. Honestly thought they be boring pets, but the are so much fun to watch and play with. These little guys are awesome. Smokey and Chewey.

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