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Hamster Story by Patty Hasenyager
Author: Patty Hasenyager

We have a long-haired Syrian hamster named Sir Fuzzybutt.
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Hamster Story by Abel
Author: Abel

Hello my name is Abel. I'm a black russian dwarf hamster from Holland and I like running and eating.
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Hamster Penile Plug
Author: Nadia Vella

One of the conditions that one may not even notice on his hamster is hamster penile plug.
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MR TURTLE How important can a hamster be? - Hamster Story by John Bernett
Author: John Bernett

Let me introduce you to Mr. Turtle. Mr. Turtle was a female Syrian hamster, just like any other you might see in the pet shop, but this little hamster had a mission…or so it seemed to my family.
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Hamster Wars - Hamster Story by Sophie Vye
Author: Sophie Vye

A long time ago in a hamster cage far far away, ..........Hamster Wars.
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