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Happy Hamster interviews hamster expert: Nadia Vella
Author: Edward Keylor

Nadia Vella of Hamster Club received an invite from Paul Hill of Happy Hamster.
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Hamster Club Competition WINNER ANNOUNCED!
Author: Nadia Vella

The winning story is: Meet A Miracle by Lesley Patterson.
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Hamster Story by Helen Parry
Author: Helen Parry

Fluffy (Ethan's Christmas present) almost didn't survive his journey home from the pet shop.
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Hamster Story by Eileen Dranetz
Author: Eileen Dranetz

My hamster Odie was not only one of the strongest hamsters, but also one of the most intelligent.
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Home is where the Heart Is - Hamster Story by: Lindsey Lastimosa
Author: Lindsey Lastimosa

Like all hamsters, Acorn was scurrying around energetically as usual.
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