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Hamster Club December 2007 Newsletter
Author: Hamster Club Team

The five main topics in this month's newsletter are: a new online hamster game, hamster powered paper shredder, hamster wheel pedometer, cancers / tumours.
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Hamster Powered Paper Shredder
Author: Travis Hudson

See, this is the circle of life. This concept design of a hamster cage almost leaves me speechless. The paper shredder on top of the cage is powered by the hamster.
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Hamster Wheel Pedometer
Author: Tokyo Mango

While there are plenty of guidelines for how much humans should walk each day, I've not come across any such measurements for the humble hamster.
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A story about a hamster mother that abandoned her babies
Author: Hamster Club

Neo's mother was taken to a rescue centre. She gave birth to a litter but only 10 days later she escaped from her cage.
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Hamster Tumours / Cancers
Author: Nadia Vella

Hamsters may suffer from cancers and tumours but these are often treatable.
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